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A beginner’s guide to the main components of digital marketing

A beginner’s guide to the main components of digital marketing

With everyone running after digital transformation, it’s a high time to address how and what platforms do you need to include in your marketing strategy. While you might hear random opinions from your peers about which platform generates the most response for your kind of business but any professional would recommend including all the main components of digital marketing in your strategy. So without any further ado, let’s quickly take a look at the main components of the digital marketing and see what significance they hold in your digital plan in 2021.

Social media marketing

Your social channels are more than a digital platform to connect you with your audience. It’ where you can actually communicate with them, share new offers and even hear them out. Be sure to utilize these channels to their full potential. A lot of companies consider their social channels to be spaces where they can dump random posts about their products and achievements. What you need to do is get your audience involved by engaging them through posts that they find relatable.


In case you are wondering SEO is still as relevant as it was before Google started heavily depending on its AI based algorithms. What’s different now is, it has become more user-centric than ever before. Which means anything you do on which means anything you do on your website should be for the sole purpose of facilitating your visitors. From fast loading speed to interactive design, everything Google is going to consider everything while ranking a website.

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Moreover, your content should also be written keeping in view the users’ intent. Don’t sell your users something on a page where the users are coming for the sake of information and similarly, don’t entangle your customers with a lengthy content on a page where they are coming to buy something.

Paid marketing 

Ever wondered why the corporate giants invest in PPC despite the fact that they are already the top players in the market? They should be least concerned about the traffic and conversions so why still invest in PPC? Well they do it for the same reason as they advertise on the TV. To stay relevant and not allowing a new competitor to swoop in. 

So, whether you are a startup or a relatively established business, don’t be afraid to invest in your PPC. Spare some budget for PPC out of your marketing budget. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to boost your leads and conversions. A lot of businesses take it for granted but it’s one of the main pillars of digital marketing that generates a great response if it’s done right. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that like all the other facets of digital marketing, email marketing has also significantly evolved over the years. 

Today’s customers expect more personalized messages from businesses they have subscribed to. Sending out the same generic messages is simply going to get overlooked in fact doing this practice repeatedly could even annoy them to the point where they end up blocking you. So as helpful and productive your email marketing be, it could just as easily go wrong provided you are not careful with it. The last thing you want is lose your privilege and access to your customers’ inbox.

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