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How Samsung Became the First Choice for Consumers

Over the past two decades, Samsung has built itself a loyal customer empire. When it comes to Android phones, most consumers think of Samsung, and it is their first choice of a smartphone as well. In this article, we explain how Samsung became the first choice for consumers around the world.

  1.       Foldable Smartphone Market Growth

In terms of both contributing to an accelerated amount of revenue and units of shipments, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold2 led to Samsung dominating the market. According to some reports, foldable display panel shipments have augmented by 454% in 2019, and have subsequently resulted in the purchase of 3.1 million units of foldable phones in 2020. Prognostications suggest that these phones will continue to be in high demand till the end of 2022 because of their efficient designs and overall durability. Consumers who have purchased the foldable phone from Samsung have had very few to no complaints about it.

  1.       Domination with Latest 5G Smartphones

With a 34.4% global market share in the 5G smartphone segment, Samsung continues to slowly build its loyal customer base, constantly researching into what their customers need and how to satisfy their needs best. The release of the Galaxy S20+ 5G flagship Samsung phone has garnered a considerable amount of attention in the recent past. With its contribution towards an increase in sales levels, it resulted in capturing a 40% market share globally. This phone is also known for delivering the fastest mobile experience.

  1.       Phones under Rs. 10,000
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Samsung is known for releasing new smartphone models almost every year and winning the hearts of various consumers in the process of doing so. The brand is also known for releasing phones that cater to individuals of various backgrounds so that each consumer can find their ideal phone which ticks every box of their checklist. For consumers that want the standard applications and specifications that most Samsung mobile phones come with while being affordably priced, Samsung has a page on their website titled ‘Samsung phone under Rs. 10,000’, which is designed for these consumers specifically. Each phone mentioned on this page is aided by a picture and corresponding specifications of the pertinent Samsung phone.

  1.       Innovation

The loyalty surrounding this giant corporation mainly arises because of the innovative techniques and technologies they use when designing and manufacturing Samsung devices. Integrating the first Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy S-range in 2010 was the first innovative assignment Samsung concerned itself with, which ultimately led to the era of large-screen smartphones. 

With each new smartphone being updated and improved upon, the Samsung Galaxy S10 line came out with the first dynamic AMOLED display which has taken display specifications of phones to the next level. Fast forward to 2018, the Galaxy S9 was the first smartphone to feature a dual aperture camera, a revolutionary specification that performs effectively even in low-light environments. Samsung Galaxy S10 owners enjoy other lens attributes such as the ultra-wide lens which captures more in one image and easily translates effortless photography into professional-grade photos and videos.

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