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Most Popular Night Clubs in Dubai and Their Entry Price

Dubai is one of the fastest growing tourist cities in the world and a huge number of visitors go to night clubs in Dubai for partying. The nightlife in Dubai has reached a completely new level. In this article I will briefly discuss the major night clubs in Dubai which are known for their amazing service.

One of the best known clubs in Dubai is the DJ’s Lounge. This club is located in the city centre and is a great venue for clubbing. There are several big DJs playing music at any time of the night. If you like techno and dance music, DJ Lounge is definitely the place to be.

Another nightclub that is famous all over the world is Club De Luxe in Dubai. This club is also situated in the heart of the city centre and is a great place to party. It is a family friendly club and the drinks are very good and the food is great. It is the biggest club in Dubai. This club is also very expensive, so if you do not like to spend a lot on drinks or food, then this club is not for you.

The Club World is another popular nightclub in Dubai that is open to all people and has a very good reputation. This club has been open for many years and is well renowned for its party atmosphere. This club is located near the International Airport and it has one of the largest sound systems in the city.

Another club that is very famous is Club X which is located on the outskirts of the city in Jumeriah City. This club is very famous for its amazing decor and has a great reputation among both locals and foreigners. This club is also known for the best live music in the city.

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The Dalati Night Club is another famous club in Dubai. This club is located in a high rise building in Bur Dubai. This club is famous for having some of the best music in Dubai.

The Barbaq Steakhouse is another club which is popular with expats from around the world. This club is also located in Bur Dubai, but is quite different from the other clubs mentioned above as it is situated on the ground floor of an old mansion. This club is very famous for its huge open bar area and many people come here to have a good night out before heading out for the night life.

For those looking to have a real night out, then this club is the place to go for the Dj’s Lounge. You can enjoy your favourite song and drinks with other people enjoying the nightlife in Dubai.